Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Travelogue 1A - Staying in Roskilde

14 Lille Hojbrondsstræde Roskilde

The house I'm staying at is about 10 minutes or less walk from the Viking Ship Museum, more or less between the harbour and the main shopping area. This is a long street with no cars allowed. This whole area is the Older 1700's section (as opposed to the Real Old - Medieveal section). The streets tend to be short and set at odd angles, most very narrow for modern traffic. A lot still the original cobbles and not allowed for cars. The house is set down what is really more of a lane than a street (or a street if you are on a horse). The house itself is down a walkway, set into the middle of a block of houses. It has a very large yard by local standards, and is framed in on all sides by the other yards. There is no access for a modern vehicle at all. The balance is that this (quite beautiful) yard is easily double the size of those around it.

This is written early in the morning of my second day in Denmark. Looks like another crystal blue sky day. I've been taking some art shots around town as well. (Which I will try to add once my lost bag with my input cables shows up!) The houses in Denmark almost all have red tile roofs. A lot of brick, but also stucco over something, which often are painted in earth tones. Any of the houses with the oak timber frames seem to paint around the natural ancient dark brown tone that oak takes (after a couple of hundred years). The result with the addition of the redish granite cobbles is quite striking. Have only seen one place with wood post carvings (like the Urnes church) but I think it was a late 1800's 'arts & crafts' era.

Today is my visit to the Viking Ship Museum, hopefully a report on that later...

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