Friday, April 25, 2008

ROSKILDE - Shots around town

This morning I took a stab at trying to get some images off my camera (now my equipment bag is here and I have the cables) and converted through the computer at my billet and up on the blog here. I will warn you that I am attempting to do this via Windows XP (which I know absolutely nothing about) and also via Windows Photo Editor (same deal) - but the Danish version so I can't even read any of the menues or instructions. I think I have got the images reduced to useful sizes. (I've also got so many windows open here I can hardly keep track of what I'm doing!)

I also have some artifact images posted this morning over on the DARC blog that readers may have some interest in. I am just posting a few sample images of the roughly 175 I have shot over the first three days of the trip!

The first image was shot over in the Medieval part of Roskilde. Thats over by the harbour, to the west side of the stream that runs down from the plateau mentioned in yesterday's post. I was surprised at the number of timber framed houses with thatch roofs. The crossed crooks of timber also caught my eye as distinctive. Many of these buildings are narrow and long, obviously subdivided into individual appartments. There was one being offered for sale - a bargin at something about 1.5 million CDN. The red ceramic tiles are the standard roof covering here on houses of all ages. I have even seen warehouses with sheet steel patterned to look like the tiles.

The second is an art shot of the cathedral. It stands to the north of the town square, and as such buildings do, dominates the sky line. As the ground here is 'relatively' flat, it serves as a navigation landmark visible for miles. (My billet was roughly 3 blocks to the west, so it was always easy to find my way back on my bicycle wanderings.

I hope to be able to keep up these travelogues, but I'm not sure what kind of computer - internet access I will have as I move around Denmark. In about two hours I will be leaving Roskilde and grabbing the train for Ribe. The trip takes about 5+ hours, Ribe is at the opposite diagonal corner of Denmark ( SW bottom of the Jutland, near the German boarder.)

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