Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Heltborg Experimental Notes Available

Slowly but surely I'm trying to get my notes in order from the Denmark trip. I have just posted up my experiment data and field drawings on to the Wareham iron smelting section. Likely the easiest way for those interested to get access is just go on to the 'Overview' of the Iron Smelting Seminar at Thy I had mentioned to you earlier. If you wander down through the short descriptions, you will find the links to the drawings and data now included.

In case you missed it - what I undertook at the symposium were two experiments.

The first was working with Arne Espelund, on the two part ore - slag / slag - bloom theoretical process he has proposed (that we were discussing last week). You can take a look at the sequences and try to figure out what went wrong (!). I have some ideas about this, but have not written those up yet.

The second was an experiment to apply the 'North American' sequence to a blend of Scandinavian ores. I would not consider this entirely successful, even though there was some spongy iron produced. The yield at roughly 12% would seem to be in line with what the Danish teams often get, but certainly less than what is normally seen at home. The conclusion once again is that ore quality must modify smelting sequence, and to a certain extent furnace design.

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