Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spring Smelt - June 14



The purpose of this year's first smelt is to undertake a full scale test of the DARC Dirt 1 - bog ore analog inside our standard furnace design.
This material, a combination of commercial 'Spanish Red' iron oxide, was developed by Gus Gissing. Two earlier tests (sponsored by Harder Gissing Machine) were promising, but someone inconclusive. Both earlier tests suffered from the combination with experimental furnaces. The first (at Smeltfest 08 with Skip Williams and Jake Keen), used a 'front plate' system, and also had a considerably higher stack than normal. The second (with Ken running the smelt) used the 'Econo Norse in a Can' smelter, which at 20 cm interior is considerably smaller than normal. In both cases the yields were less than what had been hoped for (in the range of 15 %) and the resulting blooms were somewhat crumbly and higher carbon content.
It is hoped that by using a well understood furnace, both the yield and quality of the bloom can be increased.

The Saturday main event is again 'semi open' By this I mean that interested members of the general community are welcome to come by during the progress of the smelt during the day and observe. Expect a certain confusion and for me to be focussed quite directly into the smelt.

Saturday Events:
Preheat - 9 AM
Main Sequence Start - 10 AM
(ongoing - Charcoal and ore to be graded!)
Expected Extraction : 4 - 5 PM

If you are interested in coming up to Wareham, please post me privately for directions.

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