Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Iron Smelt Demo at Quad State

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That is a short form overview of the demonstration smet I undertook at the Southern Ohio Forge & Anvil's Quad State event over September 27 & 28. I was assisted by Ken Cook (of DARC) and David Robertson (who shot the raw video). The basic facts:
- furnace type : Norse Short Shaft
- overall duration : about 7 plus hours (about 9 hours total)
- ore added : 65 lb / 30 kg
- charcoal used : about 150 lb / 65 kg
- bloom produced : 21 lb / 10 kg
- yield : roughly 30 %

The finished bloom was cut to four pieces which were sold in the fund raising auction. The metal spark tested out with just a slight amount of carbon (about like a 1005 rivet material).

Thanks for Ken for minding the smelter while I talked (for hours and hours!)

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Karen said...

How much did they get for each piece in the auction?


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