Friday, October 03, 2008

VOTE for the ARTS

My wife Vandy follows the blog of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee regularly. The lady has quite a whit and I find some of her commentaries extremely funny - and to the point.
'Dear Mr. Harper' is a recent open letter to our current PM.
Last night was the English Language debate. Yes, Mr Harper, we certainly must spend more on bricks and mortor. Museums, especially living history museums, are falling appart through simple neglect. Since when were these 'frills? If Canadians are to remain Canadian, we HAVE to remind everyone that we do in fact have a history different from George Bush's Fortress America.
But the soul of Canada is partially expressed via its artists. Make us all starve to death, or conform to your personal vision of morality, and you kill our Canadian collective soul. (A income tax credit? You were JOKING - right? None of the full time working artists I know make enough to even pay any income tax!)
New working plan! Instead of so much of your 'arts funding' being consumed by mere bureaucrats, do this instead:
- Take all the money you distain to provide for the arts.
- Have all the working artists interested submit their names.
- Divide money by number of artists.
- Mail out cheques, the same amount to each of us.
Yes some working artists might blow the money on things like a new roof or food.

The end result would be a huge increase in actual WORK produced
Who knows, YOU might even like some of it...

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