Saturday, May 21, 2011

Will YOU be 'Raptured'...

... and if so, can I have your stuff?

Too funny not to repeat!

Stolen without permission from 'Peas & Cougars'
Most of you have probably heard that the rapture is supposedly happening this Saturday, May 21st (“the Bible guarantees it!”). So you’re probably wondering, Will I be raptured? Do I need to find care for my pets? Never fear, I’ve created a flowchart that will answer any doubt you may have.

(added 'Rapture Day')

In case you were wondering why your annoying neighbours were still there when you woke up this morning, I hear the 'official' departure time is 6 PM EST...

But someone threw this up on Facebook this morning (it sure suits *my* sense of humour!)

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