Friday, October 28, 2016

DARC Fall Iron Smelt - MOVED

For any reading who were considering attending the normal Fall iron smelt at Wareham:

Saturday October 29
434104 4th Line Amaranth  
Roughly 15 minutes north of Orangeville
Just west of highway 10
Hosted by Richard Schweitzer & Sarah Scroggie

This is a full sized build of the Icelandic / Hals system
(Construction by Richard!)
Theoretical Furnace Layout
DARC had started on this specific series of experimental smelts way back in 2007. This will be the 8th in the series.

Here are a couple of images Richard took during the early phase of his build:

Bottom layer of the sods, indicating the internal diameter
Bottom stone construction - gap for setting the tuyere
The layout used will end up functioning most like the 'slag room' system used by the Danes (Nissen, Olesen). There may be a possibility of the furnace running 'incontinent', through the cracks in the front stone work, but the thick sod walls limit this effect.
There are a couple of possible variations for installing the tuyere. As set up now, the most likely is an insert style, using either the forged copper or standard ceramic tubes. High temperatures will cetainly effect the heavy stone lintel above the gap.

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