Monday, October 24, 2016

Who *was* that masked man? - Interview at Pruszkow

Documentation of my OAC Project Grant continues (if a bit out of order)

You are kindly invited to watch interview with Darrell Markewitz - blacksmith and ironmaker from Canada; participant of ARTifact's - Pruszkow Archaeological Festival in its seminar ironsmelting part FIREproof!
(You will need to be linked into the correct Facebook series to use the direct line however)
Honestly, I was quite amazed at how 'professional' this came off. I was half way through my second demonstration smelt at the  ARTifact event when the photographer asked if he could shoot a short interview. This was done completely off the cuff!
This same fellow shot some absolutely amazing 'character' images of the various participant teams. Our small group (loosely the 'Viking Age' team) especially comes off looking pretty darn 'heroic'! (I hope to get a few images re-posted here soon.)

Note that this video clip has been widely circulated via Facebook. I still have yet to secure 'official' permission to re-post it here, although I did get verbal confirmation from the photographer at the point of filming. 

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