Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Lee Sauder & Ancient Iron in Sudan

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In January 2015, in order to enhance our understandings of Meroitic
iron smelting, UCL Qatar created the first iron smelting festival at
Meroe. The scientific aim of this festival was to collect data to
improve our interpretation of the archaeometallurgical record. A further
goal of the smelting festival was to raise local, national and
international awareness of the technological prowess of the Meroites.

Core to this project was the participation of two old friends - Lee Sauder and Jake Keen.

Those familiar with the process of bloomery iron smelting (and experimental archaeology in general) will likely be able to 'read between the lines' as they view the undertaking. A couple of things stand out:

Not all ore is good ore.

Its about making IRON - not SLAG

Ask the locals!

Excellent work by Jake and Lee!

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