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Turf to Tools Two - Smelt B

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Peat Fuel Test
September 24, 2016

This is a fast overview of the second (of what turned out to be three) iron smelts undertaken at SSW as part of my 2016 OAC Project Grant.
repaired furnace from smelt A

top flame, showing volitiles burning off

fragmented bloom pieces
Furnace : Short Shaft on stone & block plith
Build : standard clay / sand / manure mix (repair from smelt A)
Size : Tapered 25 to 20 cm ID, 68 cm total with 50 cm stack and 30 cm to hard base
Tuyere : tapered copper, 5 cm proud, 20 degree down angle
Ore : SSW2 analog (red oxide + 5% flour, 5% oatmeal), total 35 kg
Fuel : compressed commerical peat pellets, broken to standard size
Method : 3 kg iron rich slag added as first charges

BLOOM : 1.5 kg, fragmented - yield 4 % (+ considerable poorly sintered gromps)

Peat used was 'raw' - so contained some weight as water and volities (clear in smoke)
Overall internal temperatures as recorded about 100 C lower than typical.
Iron was reduced, but furnace not quite hot enough for propper formation of a compact bloom.

With some re-design of furnace (extend shaft height?) this specific type of peat fuel may be viable.

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