Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Boats, Bilges - and Blisters

25 Years Abaft the Mast
In Which Our Fearsome Mariner Reviews the Lessons Learned on the Sae Earn, Fyrdraca and Gyrfalcon; with Observations on Replicas and Epic Voyages in General

Bruce Edward Blackistone
the Longship Company

(Sae Hrafn under sail heading into Chesapeake Bay at Drum Point, 2008)
Image ported over from the Longship Company web site.

... Sailing in these vessels is, by the twentieth century standards of comfort and efficiency, somewhat like swimming in chainmail. It's an admirable feat, you dispel certain myths ... and it gives you a whole new appreciation for early medieval naval warfare and merchant ventures. On the other hand, it takes a certain mindset to consider this a fun and educational activity, and you also run the risk of drowning. ...

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A good piece by my friend 'Cap'n Atli'...

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