Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Six Hours gets you...

This is what I got done today in six hours of shop work.

The actual forged rush tips were completed late last week (as described in a couple of recent posts here). The steel stock for the first half of the project arrived mid Friday. So what I did today:

1) The shafts for the uprights were cut from 20 foot lengths of 3/8 and 1/2 round stock, to 48 inches. I could cut four pieces at a time, but with round stock I have to take care with the action of the band saw (can't leave it to cut on its own).

2) With the MIG welder, attached the prepared rush tips to their respective rods.

3) On the smaller tips (3/4 diameter on 3/8 rods), each piece was then ground to remove any large lumps or beads of weld.

4) Next these pieces were heated in the gas forge, and the area between rod and tip was forged to even out the shape. As well the tips were adjusted to that they were in a straight line with the shafts.

5) While still hot, most pieces got a second grinding to smooth off any bumps or uneven spaces.

In total, about 60 pieces were cut and welded. A little less than half that number undertook the full work up. (the bundle of smaller sized rushes to the left in the image).

So - what do you get paid for a full working day?

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