Saturday, June 20, 2009

Free Guide : 'The Art of Managing Your Career'

June 19, 2009
CHRC releases the second edition of
The Art of Managing Your Career

" The Art of Managing Your Career is a resource guide for self-employed artists and cultural workers in live performing arts; writing and publishing; visual arts and craft; film, television and broadcasting; digital media; music and sound recording, and heritage."

"The Art of Managing Your Career and its discipline enhancements were developed by artists and cultural workers to provide emerging self-employed artists and cultural workers with pertinent and practical information to better manage their careers."

Cultural Human Resources Council (CHRC)
201-17 York Street, Ottawa, ON K1N 9J6
Tel. 613-562-1535 Fax 613-562-2982

The complete guide is available as six individual PDF files which can be downloaded from the web site above. (Each segment roughly 150 k, so a fast download even on rural dial up.) Individual chapter sections:
Chapter 1: The Culture Biz
Chapter 2: The Art of Self-Promotion
Chapter 3: The A to Z of Project Management
Chapter 4: Money – Keeping Track
Chapter 5: You and the Law
Discipline Enhancement: Crafts

The guide is free (for once an positive example of tax dollars at work). It will be especially useful for those considering developing a 'career' as an Artisan Blacksmith.
(This information passed along via the Metal Arts Guild)

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