Friday, June 19, 2009

"If only I could BOTTLE it..."

I love my friends (really). But sometimes they are so smart they are dumb. Clearing up after the iron smelt on May 30, one of the things left behind was a 4 litre container of 'bottled' water.

So look - we are on a well here in Wareham. Its a deep drilled well, something like 150 feet. This is important, as there is 30 - 40 foot thick clay layer down about 30 - 50 feet below ground level. A lot of older houses around Wareham use shallow dug or 'sand point' wells, which means they pull water off the top layer. This is of course most likely to also include agricultural by-products. Not to mention often means water is plentiful in spring, when the water table has risen as high as 6 inches below our ground level (!). Come August however, these shallow wells run dry.
Our well is down well beneath all that, into the limestone of the Niagara Escarpment. As far as I know, that water has been down there since the last ice age.

Now take a close look at that label. It says "Natural Spring Water", which I can tell you is a bald faced lie. That water is pumped out of a deep drilled well, not collected from a 'natural spring'. Look at the middle bottom - it says "Source at Feversham, Grey County, Ontario". The extraction and bottling plant is exactly 12 kilometers from my own well.

Get it? Its exactly the same water that comes out of my home taps. I guess it has been 'Ozonated' (what ever the hell that means). My home well water is not.

What did that bottle cost? Next time, just bring an empty container, fill it from my kitchen tap, and leave the two bucks on the counter....

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